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Please download and fill out these forms to bring with you to your 1st appointment

What to Expect:

Plan on about 45 minutes for your first visit. Please dress comfortably so we can access your knees and elbows easily.
  • When you arrive for your 1st treatment you will fill out a short intake, sign a consent form, and pay the $40 fee for the visit.
  • You’ll silence your phone, head back to the community treatment room, choose the next available recliner, take off your socks and shoes, kick back and relax.
  • The acupuncturist will review your information and health concern(s), meet you at your seat and ask a few questions to discern the appropriate treatment. She will insert the needles according to your primary concern(s). Note that we don’t need to needle in the area of pain to provide relief. We use points on the arms, legs, ears and head, and they work great!
  • There will be relaxing music playing in the room but you're welcome to bring something to listen to on headphones. You’ll relax for about 30 minutes, then your practitioner will remove your needles, answer any questions and recommend a treatment plan for you.
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